UNC Gender Non-Specific Housing


Gender Non-Specific Housing, A FAQ:

What is Gender Non-Specific Housing?

  • Gender Non-Specific Housing (GNH) option allows individuals of any sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity to room together. 
  • 32 public institutions and 66 private institutions provide a Gender Non-Specific Housing option. 
  • Six (6) of UNC-CH peer institutions have Gender Non-Specific Housing Options. 
  • Three (3) in-state institutions have Gender Non-Specific Housing Options. 
  • Gender Non-Specific Housing is not just a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer issue, but is instead an issue of personal preference and safety. 
  • This could make our campus a safer, even more accepting, and increasingly inclusive environment for all students.

Why Gender Non-Specific Housing ?

  • Aligns with UNC-CH commitment to inclusion and contributes to recruitment and retention of students 
  • Is an issue of health, safety, and well-being for students 
  • UNC students are reporting harassment in gender-segregated housing 

Who would be Eligible?

  • People who are of age of consent (18 years) and older 
  • People who meet all other qualifications that make them eligible for on campus housing 
  • If someone is 17 or younger then parental consent would be required

Where on Campus?

  • A designated certain number of suites on a coed floor for GNH 
  • A designated certain number of rooms on a specific hall for GNH

What about Roommate Conflicts?

  • The same procedures now used by housing could be used regardless of the gender identity or legal sex of roommates having the conflict
  • Contact the residential advisor (RA) for suggestions and/or mediation of conversation between/among roommates. 
  • If the issue is not settled at the residential advisor (RA) level then contact the Community Director for further help resolving the issue.

What if Heterosexual Couples Opt-In?

  • If both parties are 18 and otherwise eligible for on campus housing, they could opt-in for GNH 
  • If they have a roommate conflict, they would be subject to the same procedures as any other housing residents roommate conflict

What about Sexual Assault?

  • If a sexual assault occurs, the survivor can report it through existing protocol 
  • The survivor could be temporarily relocated to an emergency safe housing location 
  • The sexual assault report would be investigated by campus police and or Office of the Dean of Students per existing protocol

What if Someone Cancels Contract?

  • Allow the remaining resident to identify a roommate who has requested or desires GNH 
  • If there is a waiting list for GNH assignments, the space could be filled with people from that waiting list

Do you have student support?

  • We have collected almost 2,807 signatures in support of the proposal 
  • 716 of those who support have also said they would live in Gender Nonspecific Housing if it becomes available 
  • We have 53 letters of support from various student organizations and committees